Monday, February 7, 2011

Pre 7th Sense Foss Workshop

ILUGC and Kanchipuram linux user group conducted foss workshop  on 21.08.2010 , special thanks to Mr.Rajkumar,Mr.Dhasthagheer,Mr.Sanmugam, Mr.Balakrishnan, Mr.LogeshPrabhu and Mr.Arulalan who conducted this workshop for CSE Department. Nearly 250 students participated. The workshop started at 10.30 am.
First they introduced thereself and about kanchilug to all the students.
Mr. Logesh Prabhu started with "Why FOSS and Gnu/Linux ?" and explained
detailed about FOSS with its History. Then Mr. Dhasthagheer took "An Introduction to Php".After lunch, Mr. Rajkumar demonstrated the "Joomla" and explained the features of php in CMS.Mr. Arulalan  took "An Introduction to Python".
Students enjoyed with php and python, raised many questions in that.
BalaKrishnan explained the steps of Ubuntu installation as dual boot
by live demo.At last we were windup the workshop around 5 pm.
We explained everything in English only. SRM Lug provided ubuntu 10.04 dvd to all the participations.
Finally they explained about Lugs, mailing list, forums and community supports.
Then they invited all participants  to SFD'10.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Talk session given by Mr. T Srinivasan on open source

The basic  agenda of meetup was to give an introduction to Foss and
Linux to  newbies of SRMLUG .As it was our first talk session so  we
decided to not make it  are  very geek and techie so , Srini and me
decided to keep it short n simple .Our main Agenda was :
1.Why Linux
2.Introduction to Open source world
3.How to get involved with the Linux community
4. Q&A
The session was pretty good to start with , but as we scheduled it
just after lunch so students were drowsy , we did a good job in
getting there attention , Srini  started off with shooting questions
directly to  students that what kind of softwares bought and for how
much ?(most answers were Antivirus :P )  .
And he kept rocking people with his impact full examples on Close
source VS Open source . We did a good job ,by creating a relaxing
environment (even though we noticed few poker faces #windows fan).
Gnu , Gpl , source forge , different lug,s , floss projects and lot
more students came to know about .And we finished off by inviting them
to this open world with no boundaries ,no GATES and WINDOWS  :)
Folks who need tutorials on linux and Open source :
Post it to our mailing list if you have any questions apart from it .
Thanks all , for showing your enthusiasm and cooperation ,  we are
gonna  meetup soon with better and cool stuffs in next meeting  .